49 ft catamaran party boat in Miami, FL

Fun Corporate Activities on a Yacht Charter

49 ft catamaran party boat in Miami, FL
corporate event on a yacht is a terrific substitute for banquet dinners for a variety of reasons. The biggest factor is to provide an engaging experience for participants while they are on board. Whether you want to commemorate a significant achievement or inspire workers to work together more effectively, entertainment plays a significant role in its success. As a result, when you charter a vessel and begin preparing for the event, ensure that all participants are involved and impressed with these corporate activities on a yacht.

1. Kayaking

Kayaking is a traditional vacation activity that fosters teamwork. Whether rowing in singles or groups, everyone must be in synchronization and stay connected while rowing. You can even host a mini-racing challenge to add some excitement to the activity.

2. Barbecuing

While entertainment is important, Isn’t it true that we always look forward to good food? A great meal is the ideal setting for getting to know one another. Not only do most yacht operators provide barbeque services, but the crew will also assist you in grilling while you relax. You and your coworkers can save the effort of starting a fire and sweating while fueling the fire.

3. Photo Booths

It’s a classic, but always welcome if you want to retain memories. A colorful photo booth with your brand logo on the background and some witty props is a terrific way to keep your guests entertained. You can even hire a freelance professional to capture the pictures and have them printed right there on the spot. This will serve as a small souvenir for your colleagues to remember the occasion.

4. Live Entertainment

Live bands generate a unique ambiance that has been proven to be quite popular. You could also use the opportunity to highlight some of your participants’ singing abilities by providing them with a stage on which they can unleash their talents. They may even wind up unlocking some type of secret potential, which is a win-win scenario for everyone who will be attending the yacht event.

5. Play the Name Game

This is a game in which each participant is given a name and pastes the name card on a portion of their body that only the other participants can see it. Thereafter, individuals get to socialize with one another, addressing their coworkers as if they were the person stated on that coworker’s card. They may also ask inquiries regarding their own disguised identity till they figure out who they are exactly.

6. Two Truths and One Lie

This is a common home party game, but it’s also a great way to introduce employees who haven’t met before. Begin by forming a circle with your team members and allowing each person to introduce their name. Every participant must also mention three statements about themselves, only two of which are the truths. It’s up to the other people involved to figure out which of the statements is false.

Have you started seeing more droopy shoulders at work recently? It seems like a team adventure should be in order. Team excursions are a wonderful way to encourage team building, decrease stress levels, and allow employees to get to know each other beyond the workplace. Consider the above-mentioned enjoyable corporate activities the next time you arrange a yacht outing for your staff.

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